About Christian Happenings & iTickets

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Christian Happenings and iTickets offer a unique set of services targeting the
faith-based market. Our focus is to help our clients host events, communicate to those interested in attending, sell tickets if needed, and offer degrees of on-site assistance.

Our clients fall into three broad categories:

Our Event Promoters seek our services to provide insight into the
faith-based event market, to assist in promoting their events to our audience, and sell tickets to their events. The insight we share is based on our experience in the market since 1984. We help promote events through the Christian Happenings eZine, our web sites (iTickets.com and ChristianHappenings.com), email blasts, video, and church fax updates. Our box office, iTickets, is the largest independent Christian ticketing service, selling tickets since 1993.

Our Audience seeks our services to find out about events and/or purchase tickets. This includes:

  • the people that receive over 255,000 copies of our Christian Happenings eZine every month,
  • the 400,000 monthly unique visitors to our web sites including iTickets.com and ChristianHappenings.com, who register over 3 million page views and 17 million hits per month,
  • the 75,000 ticket purchasers who annually purchase event tickets for themselves and/or the groups they organize.

Other Enterprises include the thousands of ministries, businesses, and organizations that find value in reaching the faith-based event market.